Gallery Show

I just want to say thank you to those who attended the MySlart 33August show. There were so many people there, it was crazy!  

I am also happy to say that my Walter Higginbottom painting has found a forever home! He will actually be joining the home that several of my other paintings are already at. 


In other news, I am falling a part yet again. At the show, I had been dealing with shoulder pain, which I thought was just a pinched nerve. Unfortunately, the pain got worse through the night and I ended up at Urgent Care when they first opened. I am having rotator cuff issues. More than likely tendinitis. And it is my right arm, so oh joy! This work week shall be fun. I have several pain pills to take as well as stretches and exercises to do. I am just ready to stop having problems. I am not old enough yet to be having so many problems. lol. 

MySLART Art show!

I am going to be exhibiting three pieces in the MySLART 33August show. It has been quite awhile since I have shown any artwork, and figured it is about time to get back into that. 

I will be finally showing off "The Captain" painting. It has not been seen by anyone in person, except for those who have been to my place. I swear this painting is like my baby. It was such a new learning experience for me, and a step into what I feel is more my style. He is for sale, and it will be difficult for me to sell him (if he does), but I know he will go to a good home.

I still have much to explore with this character and his background. I am still working on getting his character design just right as well. But he has been fun with create.  I will also be showing off a new character of Olde Towne, Sir Higginbottom. Which I still need to finish. eek! Darn you illness and getting in my way of creating! It is just a rough character concept painting to help me better establish the character.

I really do enjoy the 33shows. It is fun meeting with the other artist (sorry for my horrible social awkwardness), and looking at all the artwork. St. Louis has a nice artist community and I am happy to be a part of it. I hope to see you there! 

Show info: 33August MySLART show, location: The Old Orchard Gallery, 39 South Old Orchard Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119, date: Friday, August 26th, time: 6pm - 10pm


Hello new website!

Welcome to my new website...and blog....(yes, yes..I created another new blog).

I will be letting my other website expire, and I will be deleting the short lived Blogger blog.  I decided I wanted a website that was easier to update, and as well as incorporated a blog. 

After much research, I decided to use Squarespace. 
I love the fact that I could do a free trial with no credit card needed. That gave me the opportunity to see how exactly their dashboard worked, and if it was easy to use.  Which by the way it is. Waaayyy easier than what I was using before, which was Wordpress through Bluehost. So basically a lot of unnecessary steps, and not remembering how things worked.

The website is still a work in progress, but I am loving how it is looking. I think this design will work great for how I want to showcase my projects. 

Also, you may have noticed my new domain name. So that means new business cards! 

I was going for a simple design that would work for awhile. I also wanted to incorporate an illustration, but not have it be the main focus. I added the texture and color on the back, because I felt like it needed something. My newer work is going to be incorporating more textures, so I decided to add that. The color is just repeated from the front. 

Oh, some complete random news, but I bought a Brother laser printer/scanner with black toner only (don't need color & can't afford it). My Epson inkjet printer decided it no longer wanted to print black ink, when that is all it does!!! There are no colors with that printer. wtf????Anyway..........OMG! Why oh why, did I wait so long to buy one?! We use laser at my work, and they are amazing. I am able to print out a page of text in about 5 secs. It is amazing! I wasn't sure how well the Brother scanner bed works, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It can scan up to 600 dpi, so that works for me. The main thing for me is that it is toner, so there are no jets to clog up with ink. So no wasting ink to clear said clog. HOORAY! But I'll be sure to complain about issues I may have with it down the road. I absolutely hate printers (hate more towards inkjets), and yet my full time job is working at a printing company. Go fig..

Whelp, that’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by my new website. :)


Sir Walter Higginbottom IV

katieadams_sir walter higginbottom.jpg

First post of my new blog. I have decided to start a blog with Blogger, because I feel it will be a better fit for posting all my Olde Towne characters and their stories. 


Here is the completed rough sketch of Sir Walter Higginbottom IV. I still need to figure out his body and how he will move, but I am happy with his face so far. Still more messing around to go! I must say though, he is going to be a much better fit for the Mayor of Olde Towne than my Mr. Proper character.